11 range items bag

11 MUST Have Things For Your Range Bag

11 Items in My Range Bag

By: Jason Hanson

The other day, I realized it’s been quite a while since I’ve written about the items in my shooting range bag (that are always changing). And because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this recently from new shooters, I thought I’d share the list with you today.

Keep in mind, because I have my own shooting range my list may be slightly different than someone who goes to an indoor range. So, pick and choose from the items below that work for you and your situation.

1. Range Bag The bag I use for the range is a bag for police officers called the Galls Original StreetPro Gear bag. I purchased this bag many years ago when I first became a police officer and I’ve been using it ever since because it’s got plenty of room for all of my gear.

2. Baseball Cap The purpose of the cap is not to keep the sun out of my eyes (although it helps) but to keep hot brass from hitting me in the face and falling down my shirt.

3. Medical Kit – I carry the Adventure Medical Kits Field Trauma kit. I also carry extra packages of QuikClot with me in case there is ever an accident.

4. Hearing Protection I have a set of Pro Ears electronic earmuffs. (If you’ve never tried electronic hearing protection, I highly recommend it.) I also have several soft earplugs in my bag in case people come shooting with me who forget their hearing protection.

5. Timer I use a Pocket Pro II competition timer on the range to improve my skills and run various drills.

6. Stapler and Staples I have a heavy duty Bostitch stapler. Since I have my own range I have to put up my own cardboard and targets.

7. Safety Glasses I typically wear my Oakley sunglasses when shooting but I also have Remington shooting glasses too for when it’s not sunny enough for sunglasses.

8. Targets I have a variety of paper targets that I bring, ranging from the “Dot Drill” target to the “5-Square” target.

9. Ammunition – Obviously, the ammunition in my range bag depends on what I’m shooting that day. But, right now I have some 9mm Remington UMC and the .22 Remington Golden-Bullet Pack.

10. Guns – Just like ammunition, it depends what I’m shooting that particular day. But this week when I go to the range I think I’m taking my Glock 19 and Ruger LCP with me.

11. Gun Oil A small bottle of Remington gun oil also stays in the bag.

You’ll notice one thing that’s missing is a cleaning kit. Personally, I clean my guns when I get home and not while at the range. But I know everyone has their own routines so you might want to include this if you prefer cleaning your guns at the range.